ATK differs from many foodservice designers in our ability to look above the ceiling, below the floors, in the walls and all around.


ATK Design Studios is at the forefront of thought leaders in commercial kitchen design. Whether it’s an A to Z Concept to Completion Project or Design Build, we are your single source solution in bringing your kitchen to life. We are a food service design company that accounts for all the intricate details from concept to completion.

We will provide you the ultimate customer experience utilizing the various tools we’ve created putting you IN your space throughout the entire process. Technology has changed and your kitchen should too.

In addition to providing you the documentation needed to build your space, we create a road map of the design and construction. We join you on your food facility journey.

Schematic Design

A great food facility design(er) comes from knowing you need to know more. Things like:

Path of Travels – customer, food deliveries, trash

Right Sizing and Adjacencies

Health Department Codes and Requirements

Owner Requirements, Requests

Building Conditions

Design Development

Our proprietary process is a multi-step system that incorporates the best in kitchen design, function, and usability.

Visuals Created – assists in addressing the finer points needed for design progression

Operator Input – the earlier in the design process the better

Collaboration and Coordination with all project team members critical

Internal Checklists

Construction Documentation

Final document set depicting the finest details is compiled. Many are able to provide a CD set but we are the only ones that give you a visual of your final product.

Our team is complimented by contractors and engineers nationwide for the precision in our work and drawings.

We are of the very few able to detail counter construction.

Operator Processes Applied

Customer Experience Applied

Construction Administration

We stay the course. Along with shop drawings submittals we ensure the food facility is being built as intended per specifications & details.

Site Visits and Punchlist Walk-Throughs

Tour with the operator


The ATK team brings over 40 years of combined commercial kitchen design experience. Designing for all areas of the foodservice industry nationally and internationally such as: Corporate Dining, Higher Education, Culinary Schools, Restaurants, Senior Living and Shared Kitchens to name a few. The experience, expertise and knowledge serves as a solid base and understanding of what is needed to pass health inspections. Why chance a delay in construction, added costs, and ultimately a delayed opening for business?


Serving as your Health Department Expediter, the ATK team acts as a liaison between you and the local health department.

  • Already have a kitchen layout? We can assist by evaluating and summarizing your kitchen layout before submitting for health department review.
  • Need a kitchen layout? Let ATK create your kitchen layout incorporating the health department’s requirements. If we don’t know the answer, we know what to ask and to whom.
  • Why do I need to send to the health department? Often times with the excitement of opening your new food facility, the health department checklist is missed. We can provide consultation in regards to the need(s) for appropriate food grade finishes, correct amount of hand sinks, sneeze guards, etc.
  • What do I need to send to the health department? We can easily walk you through the compilation of your health review packet.

Missteps in these areas can mean the difference between open for business and/or redoing your kitchen layout. This service helps to minimize change orders and expedites the inspection process saving owners time and money.


We know there are entrepreneurs out there that want to manage their own construction projects. ATK Design Studios can assist by producing a clear-cut plan for the contractor to execute. Created to show you’d like your foodservice space to look.
As your cooking equipment needs change, your space is modified or your kitchen requires updating, our team can compile documentation for your contractor. Administering you with a road map to hand over for build and execution.


Often business owners know what they want and need but don’t know where to start. Our consulting services can provide photo documentation of current conditions and strategies towards improvements. Documentation Compilation can include but not limited to:

  • Cooking equipment replacement(s)
  • Layout adjustments to accommodate new order/pay process
  • Upgrades like janitor closet replacement, floor sinks and/or floor troughs
  • Additional equipment – a layout to show desired placement as well as mechanical, electrical and plumbing requirements
  • Branding – work with you in developing a kitchen layout you will take and implement in other locations


When starting your project, we have the end result in mind. Making your vision real requires a true understanding of how the space is going to operate.

A real feel of the foodservice space can help get the project going with items such as:

  • Assist in the development of your new foodservice space
  • Supplemental to your funding/investor portfolios
  • Creating excitement in your promotional material

To name a few.

We customize the visuals appropriate to the project’s needs. Whether the goal is to communicate the operation of the foodservice space or produce an eye catching still shot, we can help.

Are you ready to take the next step?